(Edited on January 2015 for the ‘Love Is’ series)

Love is…finding all your answers in the Quran

If we only knew the true meaning that is written in the holy pages of the Quran, it is then we would want to read the Quran continuously day and night.

We would never want to put the Quran down, for reading it would bring us peace, it would eliminate all our stress and worries. Surely, reading the Quran would bring us to tears, for it is the Quran that contains all our answers – the answers we have been searching for all our lives!

If we knew that our truth was written so beautifully in the Quran, we would fight our fatigue just so we could read verse after verse after verse…

With our eyes filled with tears, our hearts filled with love, we would read the Quran searching for answers, and to find ourselves. Once found, it is only then we would be put to ease…

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  • Very true – Quran can be so daunting but once we actually start reading it, it makes do much sense!

    • Absolutely Noora! Once we know the message that is in the Quran, we are drawn to it even more so Subhan’Allah <3