Love is…praying for your sisters.

A Du’a for my sisters-

May Allah give SABR (patience) and STRENGTH to every sister

Who has lost her child due to a miscarriage or has experienced a stillbirth

Whose child has been raped, kidnapped, or murdered

Who has lost her family due to a natural disaster

Who is suffering from poverty

Whose child is suffering from a disease or illness

Who is being abused in any way

Who is going through depression or anxiety

Who has been accused of something she did not do

Who is a single mother and is working tirelessly to support her family

Who feels lost and lonely

Oh Allah, fill the lives of these women with light and ease. Oh Allah, reward these women for every tear that is shed, reward them for every hardship they have endured! Oh Allah, make it easy for these precious sisters! Oh Allah, give these women friends who will support and love them, friends that they can trust and turn to! Oh Allah, shower your blessings upon these women and grant them Jannah in the hereafter!


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  • امين يا الله يا مجيب السائلين
    jazakillah khoir for your great duas my dearest sister. It’s really touched my heart. I’m so emotional to read it. I’m keeping you in my duas dear sis.
    A lots of loves for you and your beautiful family!

    • Sister, you are in my duas as well; I know you have faced many hardships! may Allah grant you Jannah in the hereafter and reward you for your efforts! Masha’Allah, your son is blessed to have you as a role model <3 Hugs for you my dear sister xoxo

      • امين ..امين اللهم امين
        Jazakillah ahsanul jazaa my dear sis! Insha’Allah.
        I pray the same for you, Sis!
        Warm hugs,
        Peace n luv!
        بارك الله فيك، امين

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  • xaadarh

    masha Allah.. Allahumma ameen