Below are some pictures from my sister’s wedding; I still can’t believe she’s married! I remember those days of when she was a chubby baby, always wanting me to pick her up and carry her around the house! Masha’Allah, I’m proud to say that she is now carrying herself with such elegance and maturity! Witnessing her marriage was a sharp reminder that time goes by at an extremely fast pace: yesterday I was getting my own daughters ready for my sister’s wedding, and before I know it, the day will come when I will be getting my daughters ready for their own wedding, Insha’Allah! Cherish every minute, take note of every milestone, and take in those priceless moments with love!





A close-up of my makeup
A close-up of my makeup
Eyes closed
Eyes closed


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  • Beautiful! MashaAllah. 🙂

  • You looked stunning mA xx

  • Farya

    Salam !!! It’s me Farya ayubi today your pic bring me to your beautiful page OMG YOU LOOK WAY BEAUTIFUL

    • Walaikumasalam Farya, thanks for checking out my blog! I will message you on IG about the details xoxo

  • Rabia

    Stunning clicks sister.May Allah always keep
    You n ur family happy and healthy

    • Ameen! Jazaki Allahu Khair sister, your support means a lot to me – stay blessed xoxo

  • love your makeup!

  • mashaAllah! Best wishes to your sister. May Allah bless her new beginning. Ameen

    • Ameen! Jazaki Allahu Khair sis <3 Alhumdulillah, she's very happy!

  • wow … elegant and beautiful

  • Bismillah masha’Allah! Alf mabrouk for your sister, too! ♥♥♥ ;^)

    • Jazaki Allahu Khair my sister! Alhumdulillah she was a vision and I’m so happy for her xoxo

  • MashaAllah, you have beautiful children! I can’t say I can quite relate in the age gap but my sister recently got married to and separating from her was quite surreal. May Allah SWT bless your sister’s marriage and put barakah in it inshaAllah, and congrats to her!

    • Ameen <3 Jazaki Allahu Khair for your dua sister <3 May Allah SWT fill all marriages with peace and love. Congratulations to your sister as well and hugs to you xoxo

  • Sadya

    Ur each look so beautiful Maa sha Allah