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I’ve compiled a list of my Ramadan related posts in which you can expect to find information on what to eat during Ramadan, what to recite, how to have a peaceful Ramadan with children, craft ideas, and more!

Ramadan Resources From The Muslimah Mommy

What To Eat:

Looking for foods to eat during Ramadan that will keep you fuller longer, hydrated, and provide you with more energy? Here’s a great list of foods and simple meal ideas for you-

The Muslimah Mommy’s Top Foods For Ramadan



Tips For Mothers:

I have put together a list of helpful tips for mothers that they can utilize during the holy month of Ramadan. Included in this list are what mothers can recite during Ramadan to gain reward, and what they can recite for instant relief when stressed

The Muslimah Mommy’s Tips for Mothers During RamadanTMM tips for mothers

Ramadan With Young Children:

Are you feeling nervous about going through Ramadan with young children and babies? Insha’Allah, this article will help you put your mind at ease-

Ramadan With Children



Craft Ideas For Children:

If you are looking for Islamic crafts for your children, then check out these three DIY projects-

DIY Kaaba Box of Knowledge

DIY Kaaba Box of Knowledge


99 Names of Allah, DIY Flowers in a Pot

99 Names of Allah, Flower in a Pot Craft

DIY Islamic Dolls and Prayer Mats 

DIY Islamic Felt Puppets


 Increasing Imaan As A Family:

Looking to spend more quality time with your family this Ramadan while learning more about Islam and increasing your imaan? If so, then you’ll want to check out my Islamic challenge for families-

10 Minute Islamic Challenge For Families

Daily 10 Minute Islamic Challenge For Families

Also, check out my post on ‘How to Implement Prayer Within Your Household

12 Tips on Implementing Prayer Within Your Household


Ramadan With your Spouse:

Ramadan is great time to work on your relationship with your spouse, here’s an article I wrote for Productive Muslim that can help you do just that-Marital Bliss In Ramadan

A Ramadan Journal:

Documenting your Ramadan in the form of journal is a great idea! Ramadan is a month of blessings, so why not document your feelings, thoughts, and actions during this month in a journal? A Ramadan journal is something you can refer back to at any time of the year and instantly get reminded of the joy that Ramadan brings! Here’s one of my Ramadan Journal’s- My Ramadan Journal, Puppet Shows and Murder.

Ramadan Videos:

Kids LOVE videos, here is a playlist of Ramadan videos for children-Ramadan Videos for Children.


There you go, these are all of my Ramadan posts all in one place for your convenience; I pray that these posts are beneficial to you in some way. May you have a peaceful and blessed Ramadan!

Peace and Duas,
The Muslimah Mommy

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