Blogiversary Week 1

The Muslimah Mommy Blogiversary Giveaway, Week 1:

To celebrate my one year blogiversary, I will be hosting weekly giveaways from May, 8 until June 12, 2015! Here are the prizes for week 1:

U.K residents only– The winner of this giveaway will be gifted with one mini plush super hero from Dzsltastic. To enter this giveaway, please subscribe to my blog, and tell me who this plush would be perfect for (i.e your child, neice or nephew, grandchild…) in the comments below this post.

International residents– The winner of this giveaway will receive a surprise Lu’Lu’ Bag! Please refer to the giveaway image above to see what goes into a LuLu Bag. To enter this giveaway, please subscribe to my blog, and tell me one thing you are grateful for in the comments below this post.

*Please note, there are two giveaways- one for U.K residents only, and one for international residents.

These items were generously donated by the following sponsors:

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Lu’Lu’ Bag
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*This giveaway is now closed, thank you to those who have entered!


  • I am grateful for Allah guiding me to Islam ❤️

  • I’m very grateful for everything Allah (SWT) has given me from the day I was born, alhamdulillah. But most importantly, I’m grateful for meeting my wonderful husband who now shares every single detail of my life with me, even my cup of coffee, and who imperfectly completes me in the most perfect way I could ever imagine! <3 <3 <3

    • Masha’Allah and Alhumdulillah for everything <3

  • I’d love a plush superhero to give to my 7-year old neice, from my almost one-year old daughter 🙂

  • Muskan

    Subhan’Allah, I wanted to say the same thing.

    I’m also grateful for my family.

  • Masha’Allah, it’s all so very cute ♡♡♡

    • I agree, these dolls are super adorable and these hijab gift bags are beautiful masha’Allah <3

  • yasmin

    So sad I missed it.

    • I will be having weekly giveaways until June 12, 205, so it’s not too late to enter the current giveaway 😉