You get to decide how you will convey your message to the world:

Don’t be forceful, don’t beg others to listen to you; if your message is sincere, you will find people coming to you to hear it.

Refrain from judgement, refrain from harsh statements; instead fill your mouth with love and peace.

Don’t try to prove that you are right, and don’t tell others they are wrong. Simply, share your message with a genuine heart, and be witness to how others attract to your words of sincerity.

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  • السلام عليكم sister. You are right! Thank you very much for your advice. Please forgive me if you find many mistakes from my words n my manner. I don’t have beautiful words how to express and to send the messages nicely. Jazakillah khoir!

    • Walaikumasalam sis,
      I think the way you convey your messages are beautifully done Masha’Allah <3 Much love and peace to you lovely xo

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