Before having children, my definition of being on time meant arriving at my destination 10 minutes early. Of course, after having children, that all changed! 

After having children, my definition of being on time was changed to arriving 10 minutes late, but I’m slowly working on this- I promise!

I noticed running late became a reality for me when my oldest daughter was just a few weeks old and we had to attend her first check up. I remember my daughter sleeping peacefully, and the last thing I wanted to do was to wake her up, but it had to be done. I looked at the clock; I had about 45 minutes to get to the appointment, which I thought would be enough time. I finally woke her up and changed her diaper and clothing. I made sure to check I had enough diapers in the diaper bag and grabbed my car keys. As soon as I went to pick her up, I smelled something awful and just knew- she had pooped! Great, now I had to change her diaper again! After changing her, I put her into her car seat, but of course I forgot to bring her bottle with me, so I rushed to the kitchen to grab it.

I was about 10 minutes late to my daughter’s appointment, I felt so embarrassed and kept apologizing to the receptionist. The receptionist just smiled and said it was no big deal and this actually was quite normal for new mom’s, but I still felt horrible. Fast forward to 9 years later, and I’m still almost always late (inserts emoji with sweat dripping from its forehead).

I’m sure many mamas can relate to my experience, but there are some people that don’t have children and they might wonder why their mama friends are almost always late, so here are 12 reasons why!

12 Reasons Why A Mom Could Be Running Late

12 Reasons Why A Mom Could Be Running Late

  1. She discovered last minute that her child scribbled on her planner page and covered the appointment time, so she tried to remember the time and might have been an hour or two off.
  2. Her baby was napping and she didn’t want to wake him or her up. Every mom dreads waking up her baby from a nap and we try to delay doing this for as long as we can.
  3. It took her forever to find a clean, ironed shirt to wear.
  4. Of course, as soon as she finds a clean shirt, her baby spits up on it and she has to change her shirt last minute.
  5. Something is lost- she can’t find her keys or her cell phone, or her child cannot find the other shoe or sock!
  6. A child is having a meltdown because he or she wants to wear something inappropriate (like sandals in the winter!), so now she has to spend some time talking the child out of it.
  7. Her kid has to go to the bathroom, or her baby has a poop explosion just before leaving the house…
  8. It took her forever to load her vehicle- first she put in the stroller, and the baby bag, then she buckled in each kid, then she forgot her wallet in the house…
  9. A few minutes into driving towards her destination, she realizes that she doesn’t  remember if she shut off the stove (or turn off the iron or lock the door) and has to head home to make sure she did.
  10. Her child is hungry and she forgot the snacks at home, so now she has to stop at the store to grab a quick snack because she knows her child will not last the outing without one.
  11. She fell asleep because she got zero sleep the night before…
  12. She simply forgot she had to be somewhere because of her mom brain, and remembered last minute!

So, next time you have a mama friend that’s running late, you may know why!

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  1. Such a fun and factual writeup!I’ve experienced all this. And so now I tell husbter to plan ahead an lemme know when we shall be leaving home. I pack and arrange everything so early just so that I am not behind time when going out! 😁

    • That’s great! We have a baby bag packed ahead of time as well, and it’s a great time saver- unless you remember last minute that you need more diapers in there :$

  2. All resprct to Mom’s who make it even amongst all these chaos! I still struggle with arriving on time because of the horrible traffic jams that come all kf a sudden or my hubby would need a banana when I am ready to go out or I would think I will throw the trash and go which requires extra bathroom session and so on! Your list was actually amazing to read!!

    • Being on time is certainly a struggle! The days that I’am on time with my four children is a really big deal for us hee hee! But yes, there are certain things like traffic, that you just can’t control!

  3. I’m not a mom yet but I loved how you put it! Subhan’Allah, the way we use our time changes when we have kids. Jazaaki Allahu khayran for writing this dear xo.

    • Thanks so much for reading and commenting Fatima <3 It's so amazing how things turn around the moment you become a mother! There are so many changes that take place, and the positive changes definitely outweigh the negative changes <3

  4. What a great list! With just the touch of humour. May Allah bless all mothers with their busy multitasking brains and bodies.

  5. السلام عليكم ورحمة اللة وبركاته
    Barak Allaah feeki for sharing this. LOL I loved it and it shook my funny bone, haha! May Allaah Subhanahu wa Ta’aala make it easy for you, aameen. I am now thinking if that is what motherhood does and you used to be very punctual, Allaahumma barik, then I would need to be extra diligent. I would probably try to get to places an hour early so that there is hope for me to do things on time in shaa Allaah.

  6. Salam. I consider “arriving on time” non negotiable and the following steps have been helpful whenever an excuse tried to rear it’s head,
    1. Don’t discriminate your appointments, your brain will know if you treat arriving at the airport differently than arriving at your friends’.
    2. You can make a mistake once, the second time it’s a choice.
    3. “Take yourself into account before you’re accountable, weigh yourself before you’re weighed”- Omar (ra)

    And Alhamdulillah we are almost never late ( I have 2 kids btw ;).
    – Farhana

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