3 Before 30

I had my first daughter at the age of 22, and let me tell ya, I didn’t think I was “ready” to be a mother back then…

Right when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I was a university student with half of my degree yet to complete, my husband had not found a stable job at this point, and we were both living in my parent’s basement- yeah, not exactly how I planned on bringing a child into this world…

At the very least, I preferred to have completed my degree, my husband already having a career, and us moved into our own place; however, that was clearly not happening. But, you know what? We SURVIVED. If anything, we did more than survive, we exceeded our own expectations we had set for ourselves. In fact, my daughter was my inspiration to keep going, for I never wanted her to feel that she was a burden or that she got in the way of my dreams- instead, she became A PART of my dreams. Needless to say, my university graduation day was so much sweeter with a degree in one hand and my baby girl in the other.

Shortly after graduating, my husband decided on a career and I decided to work full time; a few months after, my husband, daughter, and I had moved into our own home- life was great! I was so focused on my career and climbing the corporate ladder, that I hadn’t thought about having more children at all. Ideally, I wanted to pursue my career further and then think about expanding our family- but again, life doesn’t always happen the way you plan it to be…

Sadly, I found out I had a miscarriage about a year into my job, and this was the turning point for me. Although, I was not planning to have another child so soon, I was happy that I was pregnant. Just days after finding out I was pregnant though, I found out through a blood test that my body was going through a miscarriage. This was the most heart aching moment of my life; although I never planned to have a baby at that point in my life, having my baby taken away from me made me realize I was ready to have more children. A few months later, I found out I was pregnant again, and nine months later, we welcomed a beautiful baby girl into this world! So, there I was- 26 years old with two gorgeous daughters that were my world- I really couldn’t have been happier.

In fact, I was so happy with the way my life was, I decided to not return from work once my maternity leave was up; although this was a tough decision on so many levels, it was the RIGHT decision, as I wanted to focus solely on my family.

Looking back, I can truly say that although initially being a mother to two children was an emotional adjustment for me,  I did LOVE motherhood- the cuddles from my precious children, observing their every milestone, and just being a mom overall was an amazing experience. And guess what? I loved being a mom so much that I decided to have another child right away! With that said, my son was born just a year and a half after my second daughter was brought into this world, by this time, I was 27 years old and a mother of three!

Now, it’s not easy being a mom- AT ANY AGE- but I can say that I adore being a “young” mom, and I have no regrets with any of my decisions i.e to start a family young and to not go back to work after maternity leave.

I do often get asked how it is to have had 3 children before the age of 30, and I’m usually brutally honest with my answer- there were nights where I had only gotten 2 hours, or less, of sleep; days where all three kids had gotten sick and all I remember doing is cleaning vomit and wiping snot; where the kids were fighting over the most silliest things; and even days where I wanted to (and may have) locked myself in my bedroom for that five minutes of peace…but there were also days where my children taught me about love and innocence, about respecting myself, and about the beauty of this world- and these are the most important lessons a 20-something-year-old needs to be taught!

Now that I’m into my 30’s and expecting my fourth child, I can honestly say that I’m a much better person because of my children- I’m a much more confident person who has learned to stand up for herself, who has been taught that it never too late to become a better version of yourself, and who has learned that if Plan A doesn’t work out, there’s always a Plan B that is more awesome than Plan A!

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  1. SubhanAllah sis u have just inspired me (was soo unsure about having another child but alhmaduillah after reading about your experience ,I feel more than ready ,had almost the same plans as you , Allahu Akbar ,may Allah protect you and your beautiful family and may Allah make your pregnancy and delivery easy, aameen

  2. Alhamdulillah… reading your blog i could relate to everything you sad… im 24 and a mom of 3 perious little girls that i would do anything for.. may Allah grant us wonderful, loving, pious children.. inshaAllah

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