A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about what I have been doing for self care, and one of those things was getting out of my pj’s and getting dressed into actual clothing! 

Now, if you really don’t like dressing up, like it realllllyyyy stresses you out, then don’t fuss about it! Self care is all about doing things for yourself, not to please others or fulfill other people’s expectations, just do what make YOU happy! So, if prefer wearing sweats, then wear sweats and be happy!

I have always loved clothing and think of it as art- I get lost in the world of textures, colors, patterns, design, and everything else that surrounds clothing. I still remember watching the runway shows on television as a little girl and thinking the women were wearing pieces of art and really paying attention to the details of their outfits. I should also mention that I was never a trendy type of girl when it comes to my wardrobe and fashion, as I tend to stick to the timeless pieces that will stay in style year after year.

Here are four outfits I put together that anyone can rock during the colder weather, enjoy!

4 Modest and Timeless Outfits for the Colder Weather


Faux fur vest with a pleated maxi skirt


Here, I have paired a black faux fur vest with a grey pleated maxi skirt. I added a white belt around the waist, which pulls the entire outfit together! For the hijab, I chose a beautiful mauve colored one from Veiled Doll.


Faux leather pleated skirt

I was on the hunt for a tan colored faux leather maxi skirt for about three years now, and this is the closest I could get without spending $500! I thought I would let the skirt shine by pairing it with a black sweatshirt- yes, you can wear a sweatshirt with a faux leather skirt- and a bamboo colored hijab!


Olive green with a black and white striped shirt

You cannot go wrong with a classic black and white striped shirt- you just cannot! This shirt can be worn year round really, it’s just one of those staple clothing items! I wore this shirt with my olive green hijab and think the two go really well together.


Faux fur scarf, a forest green maxi skirt with a gold belt and a gold clutch

This is probably my favorite outfit because it’s sooo fancy- and I love all things fancy! I adore this forest green maxi dress worn with a gold belt and a faux fur scarf around my shoulders. I chose a mustard colored hijab and gold accessories!


All of the hijabs worn in this post are from Veiled Hijab and I have to say they are extremely light weight and comfortable. In fact, I often forgot I was still wearing a hijab after a few minutes! Because these hijabs are quite thin, I found it best to wear a ninja undercap underneath the hijabs – which is great for the colder weather as the ninja undercaps act as an extra layer to protect you from the cold. Another plus is that I never had to iron these hijabs!

When it comes to your clothing, have fun with your wardrobe and play with different textures, patterns, and colors! Dressing up doesn’t take your troubles or worries away, but it has the power of putting you into a better mood, so spend that extra 5-7 minutes to plan out an outfit to wear that will put a bounce in your step!


All hijabs worn in this post are sponsored by Veiled Hijab, however all opinions expressed are purely my own. 


4 comments on “4 Modest and Timeless Outfits for the Colder Weather”

  1. Omg! I love all the looks! The 2nd and last (with fur) are my favourite. Very sophisticated ma sha Allah😍

    I’ve been meaning to change my attire from plain salwar kameez to a westernised one. Thanks for helpin me know how I can go about doing it.

    May Allah reward you in abundance sis 😙😙😙 ameen

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