Relationship With Allah

I want my kids to have a RELATIONSHIP with Allah…

I hear this time and time again from parents, and even I feel this way myself. I really want my kids to love Allah, but I don’t want them to love Him just because I said so, but because they truly WANT to. I want my children to sincerely make dua and ask Allah for things because they know that if you ask He will surely give.

So, what do I about this? How do I encourage my children to LOVE Allah?

One of the things I do is have informal talks with my kids about what they will get in Jannah and what they have to do in this world to get there- follow the commands of Allah. These talks can last any where between five minutes to an hour; but I find that they do make a huge difference!

How to have informal talks about Jannah with your children:

  • You can start talking to your children about what the beauty of Jannah, and how they will get anything desire in this beautiful place.
  • Next, ask your children what they would like to have in Jannah; my children have the cutest responses to this question, for instance, my oldest daughter wants a castle and to play in clouds made out of chocolate!
  • Finally, talk to your children about the five pillars of Islam; let them know that they need to follow these pillars so that they can reach Jannah. Inform your children that Allah has created Jannah for us, but we must follow his commands if we are serious about reaching this beautiful place.
  • You can also find resources to help you with these conversations, such as books and online videos.

Remember, you are a role model for your own children, so make sure that your own relationship with Allah is a sincere and meaningful one!


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