So, how was the first week of school for your children – and for you? I’ve talked about my experiences in previous posts, but I didn’t mention what exactly happened on the first day of school. Below is a description of how our first week of school went:

The morning of the first day was quite rocky, as we didn’t know how my younger daughter, Madina, would be going to her preschool. The plan was for the school bus to pick up Madina, however, because we never got a call from the bus driver to inform us of the pick up time, therefore, we weren’t sure if the bus would come or not. I waited the whole weekend in hopes of receiving a phone call from the bus driver, but nobody had contacted us. To make matters worse,her preschool was closed the day before school started, so I wasn’t able to contact anyone until the morning of the first day.

After I dropped off my oldest daughter, Hafsah, to her school, I rushed back home to contact Madina’s school. HOWEVER, I couldn’t find the school’s number anywhere, and I had forgotten the address. I frantically searched online, but couldn’t find the contact information, as the preschool program had moved to a new location, and the web site had not been updated to show the new information. I tried calling the previous location, knowing that the office for the preschool was still at that school, but reached another dead-end when the secretary told me that the office had also moved to a new location – but they didn’t know where they moved to (I later found out that the office had NOT moved) I started to think that my daughter was going to miss her first day of preschool, and it was all because I had lost the school’s phone number! After half an hour of searching through my kitchen drawer like a mad woman, I found the phone number!

I called the preschool coordinator to tell her of our situation and asked for the address. Fortunately, we were able to drive to my daughter’s preschool on time; in fact we were early as there were many children missing – because they were still at their homes waiting for the bus to arrive! A few minutes later, I found out through the other parents that they too had not heard from the bus driver, and I was somewhat relieved knowing that I wasn’t the only parent going through a rough start to the school year.

The rest of the day went smoothly, up until the point I had to pick up my oldest daughter from her school. It was 3:20 PM when I was in the middle of waking up Madina from her nap (she obviously had a long first day of preschool and wouldn’t wake up), eventually she woke up – but she woke up crying AND DIDN’T STOP. As I was driving to the school (which is just a few minutes away) Madina was crying and screaming the entire way. I parked the car a good distance from the school because I thought the parking in front of the school would be full. As I walked closer to the school with one child on my hip (my 2 year old son, Idrees, who had a leaking diaper and was getting my sweater wet with pee!) and the other still crying behind me, I noticed the parking spots empty, and that’s when I realized I was late picking up my child on the first day of school.

BUT HOW COULD I BE LATE? I thought the school ended at 3:30 PM, and it was only 3:32 PM? I walked into my daughter’s classroom, still with one child on my hip, and the other one STILL crying behind me, to find my daughter waiting for me. My heart dropped. That was the moment I felt like the worst parent ever, and I probably looked liked one too! Yeah…one of those awkward moments… The teacher was really nice about the whole situation, and I think she understood when she saw my preschooler screaming and bawling her eyes out. As soon as I went home, I checked the school website to find that the school ended at 3:15 PM, not 3:30 PM – OOOOPS!


On the second day, Madina missed her school bus in the morning. Apparently, the bus driver showed up at 8:30 AM despite the fact she was supposed to show up between 8:40-9:00 AM. Her dad was relieved that Madina missed the bus, as he really wanted to drop her off anyway – yes, she’s quite the daddy’s girl! If she hadn’t missed the bus, my husband was planning to drive to Madina’s school to greet her as she arrived to school; just so he could comfort her and to make sure she was okay.


After school, I asked Madina how her school went, and she told me that she cried. She also told me that her teacher came and played play-dough with her, and that she wiped her snot from her nose on her shirt- she felt better after that.

The third day of school was quite hectic, as it was Thursday. Thursdays are when Hafsah gets off school at 2:00 PM instead of 3:15 PM. Which means Madina came home at 1:00 PM, then the little ones and I picked up Hafsah at 2:00 PM, and at 3:20 PM Hafsah was at the dentist office to get her loose tooth pulled out because it refused to fall out on its own. At the dentist, I felt torn between the kids: on one hand I wanted to stay by Madina, as she had missed her nap and was making a scene in the waiting room. On the other hand, Hafsah was terribly nervous about the dentist pulling her tooth out! The receptionist was kind enough to watch both Madina and Idrees – and oh did I ever feel bad for her!

Finally Hafsah’s tooth was pulled out, and it was time to go home! Before we left, Hafsah was allowed to pick out a toy from the treasure box, and I must say SHE TOOK FOREVER. When she came out of the treasure box room, she told me she took so long because she wanted to find a package that had two toys in it- one for Madina and one for Idrees – and in her hand was a mesh bag filled with two bouncy balls.

The final day of the first week of school went well, and we ended the day off with going to the park. I’m excited to hear more about my children’s school adventures as the year goes on, and I look forward to them growing and learning throughout the school year!

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