Bata & Batuta Plushy Review

We received the most adorable gift from Bata and Batua! Before I get to the review, I want to share just how special this company is- Not only does this wonderful company make and sell the cutest plushies, but they also give back to society. In fact, Bata & Batuta’s mission statement “is to share the power of play with children in need. There are three groups that we focus on: orphans, the ill, and the impoverished” (Bata & Batuta ).

Oh, and if you’re wondering what the name ‘Bata & Batuta’ means, it translates to “cute little kid” in the Filipino language- how sweet is that!


Here’s the plushy that we received, a very soft cuddly teddy bear- it also came with a thoughtful thank you card!

Bata & Batuta Plushy

I cannot even tell how you how much my children ADORE this plushy! I gave it a little hug myself and it is soooo soft.

Bata & Batuta PlushyBata & Batuta PlushyBata & Batuta Plushy

Taking a closer look at this plushy, you can tell that it is very well made with love, care, and special attention.

Here’s the product description of the teddy bear:
“This is our take on the classic teddy bear. Its cuddly stomach and soft fur make it perfect for hugging or nap time. Just be sure to keep an eye on your snacks, this bear has a pretty big sweet tooth!” (Bata & Batuta).
All of the plushies are handmade, and suitable for children ages 3 and up, plus they are hand washable!
Bata & Batuta Plushy
 Bata & Batuta Plushy
So, my children and I thought this was really COOL and CREATIVE- this plushy came with instructions on how to turn your Bata & Batuta packaging into a backpack- and it’s so simple to do! I thought this was BRILLIANT because not only can you make a backpack to carry your plushy in, but this teaches children about recycling, reusing, and reducing waste- LOVE IT!
Since receiving our new plushy from Bata and Batuta, we are happy to inform you all that we have provided it with a happy and safe home. So far, our new teddy bear has been playing with blocks, praying with the kids, has been outside, and enjoying tea parties!
To purchase a Bata & Batuta plushy for a loved one, please do check out the Bata & Batuta website, and don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram! Remember, for every purchase made from Batuta & Bata, they will donate a toy to a child in need <3
Bata & Batuta Plushy
***This item was sent to The Muslimah Mommy for review, however all opinions and expressed are solely my own.

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