Beware of the KIDS

Beware of the kids! Warning, you are about to enter into a home that may be messy and noisy,

you may see children running,

or arguing with one another;

it may be chaotic,

it may be loud,

there might be a toddler or two running around without any pants on (excuse the potty training!),

a mother with messy hair and still in her pajamas

a phone that keeps on ringing

a kid throwing a tantrum- be happy it’s NOT a toy he or she is throwing!

crumbs everywhere,

dished piled high in the sink,

toys in the sofa cushions, on the sofa, and under the sofa….


don’t be afraid to go inside, because this is a home filled with happiness

where each child is cared for and the needs are met,

where the children are free to explore and play;

they are not restricted and told to sit still, but

they are encouraged to move and dive into imaginary play.

There may be cookies served-but don’t expect freshly baked cookies because mama don’t got time for that;

you can expect a toddler talk gibberish to you, just politely nod and smile,

you may get handed a slobbery toy to play with from this toddler- just take it;

there’s a slight possibility that the mother may get a chance to sit and chat with you, but do expect her to get up and attend to her children about a trillion times.

Although this will NOT be a home of order and quietness, it IS a home where you can

expect each of us to embrace you with KINDNESS and LOVE!

Sumaira Zaheer,

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