Carrying a life inside of you

Love is carrying a life inside of you-

The heart beat that lightly pounds inside your womb,

the sweet eyes that will one day meet yours,

the button nose that will smell the fragrance of this world,

the o-shaped mouth that yawns with innocence,

the ears that hear the beautiful sounds of nature,

the rosy cheeks you will kiss over and over again,

the hair you will comb ever so gently,

the arms that will one day wrap around your body for as long as they can,

the tiny hands that will be securely locked within your palms,

the belly that you will rub with love,

the knees that will one day hit the floor but you will kiss better,

the legs that will kick in excitement upon your arrival,

the precious feet that will walk beside you –

All of this and more is what’s growing inside of you, so accept it with love, and do something great with it, for this being is a special blessing created just for you – Sumaira Zaheer,

8 comments on “Carrying a Life Inside of You”

  1. Awww that’s absolutely sweet and adorable! You made me excited to experience all that for myself one day in shaa Allah. May Allah (swt) make the rest of your pregnant smooth and hold you precious baby with love in your arms, ameen. 🙂 <3

    • Thank you so much sis <3 This pregnancy has been quite difficult for me (in many ways), so this was a reminder to myself of how blessed I'am to be carrying a child- Alhamdulillah for everything!

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