The CREATIVE MIND never sleeps – yes, that’s right, the creative mind is always going at full speed and there are no yields, just go-go-go’s!

For me, the worst is when I’m busy with my kids and I get an idea for a blog post, but I’m unable to write down the idea. For instance, the other day I was giving my son a bath and I instantly had an idea for a topic I could write about…of course my severe case of mommy brain prevents me from remembering anything unless I write it down on paper or type it into my iPad or laptop. At that moment, my son had shampoo in his hair, and I kept repeating the idea out loud in an attempt to keep it on my mind – I’m pretty sure he thought mama had lost it! Anyways, by the time his bath was over, and his clothes were on, and by the time I went downstairs…I had forgotten the topic!

And let’s not forget those times when your mind does jumping jacks, push-ups, and sprints JUST BEFORE YOU FALL ASLEEP! Right?! The worst. Those are the times you have to contemplate whether or not you actually get out of bed and write down the idea, or let your mind fall asleep….it really is a difficult decision! On one hand, you really don’t want to lose the idea that just popped into your mind; but on the other hand, you know if you get up and write down the idea it will take you at least another hour to go back to sleep!

Of course, there are those moments when you are talking to a relative and an idea flies right into your brain. You can’t go to the ‘bathroom’ because you just went, and you don’t want to be rude by using your phone in front of them…so you spend the next hour with a calm facial expression but in reality you’re panicking…!

Oh, that creative mind that never sleeps!

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  1. You have done many things Sister. I’ll never forget your help in editing my articles, I’ll never forget your beautiful spirits, your duas. Jazakillah katsiron, Sis. You said “you have done nothing” b/c you have beautiful heart, so you have forgotten your all kindnesses. I do remember, my dear Sister.

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