The Curious Chef Knives are perfect for children who want to learn how to cook!

This summer, my 9 year old daughter wanted to learn how to cook, but I was a little hesitant…

On one hand, I was excited that she was eager to learn the basics of how to put together a meal, after all, this was a step towards independence for her! However, on the other hand, I was worried about her safety, because let’s face it- with a teething baby attached to my hip and two other children who are in constant need of my attention- I’m not able to supervise her when she uses knives.

Even if I was able to supervise her, I still want her to be able to feel confident in making a meal from beginning to end all on her own. This is why I was ecstatic when I finally found these knives from Curious Chef! The Curious Chef knives won’t cut through skin, therefore making them a safe tool for children ages 5 years old and up. Now the big question, do they actually work? I put these knives through the test the other day- with my teething baby crying by my leg and my 9 year old recording #momlife!


Did you see my baby’s hand make an appearance in this video? Haha, this is what being a mommy blogger is all about- constantly being with your children 😉

As you can see, these knives are strong enough to cut through and slice various fruits and vegetables with different textures, so they really do work! The first time my daughter used these knives was when she wanted some cucumbers and dressing with her lunch, but I was feeding the baby who was screaming for food, so I was unable to slice them for her. I then instructed her to wash the cucumber and use a Curious Chef knife to slice the cucumbers on the cutting board. I was very impressed with how well she did and with how confident she was with handling the knife!

Child-friendly knives that work!

These Curious Chef knives are perfect for any child wanting to learn how to cook and are a great gift idea as well! To purchase this set, see the affiliate links below:

CAD affiliate link: Curious Chef Knives Set 

US affiliate link: Curious Chef Knives Set

U.K affiliate link: Curious Chef 6 Piece Fruit and Veg Kit

Review of the Curious Chef Knives Set


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