A must read for all new mothers!

Dear new mothers,

I’m sorry to tell you that it does NOT get easier. As a new mother, you may hear people telling you that it WILL get easier, but I’m here to tell you that people are lying, and things may actually get worse. But don’t worry, there is some good news!  

The first week of motherhood is quite the adjustment, you now have a tiny human that you have to feed every hour and a half to every two hours, a little being that constantly needs your attention, an itty bitty bundle that needs to be swaddled and carried, and you now have to change multiple diapers day and night.

A must read for all mothers!

You may hear individuals tell you that your baby will start to sleep through the night soon, or that you’ll be a pro at this parenthood thing in no time, but these are all lies. I mean, as a mom of four, I know that your baby will go through growth spurts, cluster feeds, sleep regressions, maybe even colic, and let’s not forget the teething! Oh, the teething! All of these will prevent your baby from sleeping through the night, and you will most definitely not feel like a pro during these phases.

As your baby grows older, you may find yourself struggling with the tantrums, the night terrors, potty training, fevers and vomiting, with worrying about your child hitting certain milestones, and maybe even bullying. So, you see, it does NOT get easier mamas.

A must read for all new mothers!

Now, here’s the good news. Yes, things may NOT get easier, but you WILL get stronger! My dear beautiful mothers, you will find yourself with more strength than ever before; you will also find that your body can do amazing things, such as live off of very little sleep!

It’s important to know that getting strong does not mean that you won’t have days where you break down, or days where you want to run away and hide. In fact, being strong means that you allow yourself to show your emotions, to get it all out so that you can feel better afterwards. Being strong also means that you won’t give up, you will continue to be there for your child, and that you will allow yourself to learn and grow with your child.

As soon as we enter motherhood, our lives are forever changed; this change is both the most difficult thing you will have to endure AND the most beautiful transformation you will ever go through

As soon as we enter motherhood, our lives are forever changed; this change is both the most difficult thing you will have to endure and the most beautiful transformation you will ever go through! Remember that you are strong and that you can do this!


Peace and Love,

Sumaira Zaheer


10 comments on “Dear New Mothers, It Does NOT Get Easier!”

  1. So beautiful and so true. I’m so much stronger and wiser today than I was ever before. Alhamdulilah. Motherhood equips us with strength and wisdom.

    • Alhamdulillah! It’s so amazing how strong we become as mothers, and our level of patience certainly does increase! We certainly would not survive without this strength and patience!

  2. Finally, I can comment! I loved this post so much, so much truth & so nicely written!! loved the last line regarding a change. So happy i found your blog hehe xoxo

  3. The title of this article made me laugh-out-loud. Alhamdulilah, I was blessed with my first child a few months ago and have been searching for that long-awaited (and much promised) time in which things “get better.” Four months later, I’ve learned that there will always be a challenge to contend with! Thank you sharing!

    • Thank you so much for reading lovely! As soon as we have mastered something, there’s a new challenge on our hands- but, there’s nothing that we can’t handle! I know mothers who have teenagers and they are facing many challenges, so indeed it does not get “easier” but we do grow stronger each day <3

  4. Assalamua’laikum sister, thank you for the reminder.
    I truly agree with this, there is no such thing as getting any easier, but we do getting stronger in any way.
    I would like to send the biggest salaam for all the Ummahat (Muslimah Mommies) out there, when you struggle to raise a child, keep thinking that Allah will give the greatest strength in you more and more.
    And when you fell lonely, Allah will give you the warmest companionship through shalat and prayer… just keep believing that became a mother is full barakah… in syaa Allah.

    Jazaakillah khairan sister.

    • Walaikum assalam wa rahmatullah sister, indeed we do get stronger with every struggle and we become better individuals overall! We will have moments of weakness but these moments are ALWAYS followed by moments of strength afterwards <3 Stay blessed sis xo

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