Diving in!

Diving into the world of impossible was the best things she ever did!

Here’s to all of you who took risks to better your lives-

It may have been that once upon a time you had dipped your toes into the unknown and got scared, so you backed away, or

maybe you had dived into the realm of uncertainty only to get lost;

or perhaps it was the first time you did something for YOURSELF and your nerves were shaking, but you took the dive anyways.

Whether it was the first time you took this plunge or your one hundredth time, do you remember that feeling of excitement and fulfillment afterwards, when you had reached your new destination? When you finally felt in your heart that you had succeeded?!

Didn’t it feel AMAZING in the end?!

Remember this feeling- of risking it all and getting further than where you ever thought you would end up- because THIS FEELING is what is going to take you EVEN FURTHER in life

♡♡♡ Peace and Love- Sumaira Zaheer, The Muslimah Mommy ♡♡♡

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