I had a request from a lovely sister to discuss Halloween and Islam.

The main reason why Muslims don’t celebrate Halloween is because this holiday is based on ancient pagan culture and therefore is shirk. With that said, it can be difficult explaining to your children that we cannot celebrate Halloween because they perceive it as fun! Yes, it is fun to dress up and eat candy- I totally agree with that!

So, instead of dressing up for Halloween and going trick or treat, pick a random day and dress up (but not as ghosts and monsters as that would be imitating Halloween) with your kids and do some fun activities together! My girls love to dress up as butterflies during the summer and run around in the backyard! Afterwards, we have a small tea party together with juice and treats! I must say, it’s a lot better than going door to door in the cold weather! (Image is of my two girls a couple of summers ago) © The Muslimah Mommy (2014)
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