A while back, I made a ‘DIY Kaaba Box Of Knowledge‘ that you can use year-round to help your children learn Islamic concepts. Well, this year, I’am using this same Kaaba box to help my children learn about the importance of Dhul-Hijjah!

In the box, I will put in 4 strips of paper that will have key facts written on them. Each day, my children will pull out one strip of paper, and we will all read the facts on that paper. Once we are done reading all the facts, we will do this process for a second time; only this time I will read the headings, and my children will tell me the facts that match with that heading.

Here’s what’s going into our Kaaba box:

Don’t forget, this Kaaba box can be used to learn many other Islamic facts, such as: the Islamic months, the 99 names of Allah, the importance of a Ramadan, and much more!



8 comments on “Educating Your Children On The Importance Of Dhul-Hijjah + DIY Project”

  1. Assalamu aleikum Sumaira,

    I actually made this Qaaba for the small Eid for a present and I didn’t know what to do with it. but I kept it But now I know! Masha’Allah, I’ll keep it until the baby can talk insha’Allah :). Jazak’llah for the lovely idea. Lovely and kind duas to ya. Miss ya on the old wordpress ! Masalam ^_^

    • Walaikum Assalam lovely,

      Subhan’Allah so glad this post gave you an idea! Alhumdulillah! I miss my friends, but now that I have a laptop again, I will be visiting you all more often 🙂

  2. Eselamu alejkum sister may Allah blesse you with all the best of this world and Jenntin firdeus I love the idea thank you

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