Love Is....frozen ponds and fallen leaves

Love is frozen ponds and fallen leaves…

The last time I was at this pond was in early autumn with my three children, I loved hearing them laugh and talking to each other as they went exploring through the tall grass. The water was soothing to looking at, and the brightly colored leaves on the trees were starting to trickle down to the floor…the beauty of this place was undeniable.

Today was the first time, in three years that we have lived in this neighborhood, that I visited this pond by myself; it was also the first time I observed the beauty of this place in winter. One would think that a frozen pond that is surrounded by bare trees has lost its beauty…but that’s not the case at all.

There is no leaf to be found and the water is still, but the beauty exists nonetheless. This place is the SAME place, just in a different form- I know the water will run once again and the leaves will return, but for now all must be muted. The thing to remember is that this place is undergoing a change, and THAT is what makes it beautiful.

As I stood there, I couldn’t help it but reflect upon myself and the changes that have taken place since the last time I was here- I’am no longer 30 years of age, but 31; no longer a mother of 3, but a soon to be mother of 4. With my children in school and not another person in sight, I didn’t hear any laughter this time around, and there were no conversations to be heard…instead, I stood there in silence feeling the movements of my baby within my womb.

As an expectant mother covered in stretchmarks, who has physical limitations with emotions running all over the place, I’am embracing this change, for my body is preparing to bring a life into this world- and THAT is beautiful -Sumaira Zaheer, #TMMLoveIs

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