Islamic Book Day 2015

Alhumdulillah, today was Islamic Book Day! Here’s more information on this event, and what you can do to celebrate it: 

“Hosted by authors Razeena Gutta of and Emma Apple of, our hope is that this day creates awareness about great Islamic children’s books, worldwide. Help us by sharing your top picks, current reads and wish list for future purchases.” Read Little Muslims

I started off the day by participating in the #IslamicBookDay Twitter chat, hosted by Emma Apple; some of the key questions asked were:

  • The Islamic world is growing fast. What do you think Muslim authors are getting right? What’s working?
  • What are we missing in Islamic ? What do you want to see and what do you want to see more or less of?
  • Do you have reading programs at your Mosque? Do you think this would be a benefit?
  • What can we do to promote early literacy in our communities? How can we encourage parents to read to their kids?

Right after the Twitter chat,  my children and I celebrated Islamic Book Day by reading Islamic books together as a family-

Family Reading Time

Afterwards, we had a discussion on the moral of each book that we read. I also created a fun word search puzzle for my 7 year old daughter to complete:

Islamic Book Day Word Search

Here are the words to search for:

  • love
  • Islam
  • Muslim
  • Faatimah
  • Ahmed
  • Lulubug
  • Granny

I know, I know- the word search is not aligned…I didn’t think creating a word search would be so complicated, what did I do wrong?

We had lots of fun, and will be discussing some online Islamic books later on today to continue our celebrations!

Islamic books

A HUGE thank you to Razeena Gutta of and Emma Apple of for creating such a fantastic global event!


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