When you feel like drowning, just remember to breathe

Sometimes, it can feel like you’re drowning-

drowning in the to-do lists,

drowning while fulfilling others dreams,

drowning in society’s expectations,

drowning while chasing your youth.

Just drowning.

The deeper you go under, the more you realize that you can’t do this any more.

You need air.

You need to breathe.

You need to come back up.

So, you forget about the to-do lists and you just focus on getting through the day,

you start to work on your life goals,

you work towards a better you, and

you learn that life is a progression where you move forward, therefore you can’t chase your past but you can gain wisdom while you grow- so you begin to chase wisdom instead.

My message to you- the next time you find yourself drowning, just breathe and remember it’s never too late to pull yourself up!

Peace and love always,

Sumaira Zaheer

1 comment on “Just breathe”

  1. its very true, we are all drowning fullfilling some one’s else dream or expectations, drowning in the 9 to 5 office work. and giving up on all the dreams we all once dreamt of.

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