As a mother of four young children, I can say that I have had plenty of bad days. You know, the days where you wake up with a headache because the baby didn’t let you sleep, days where the children seem to be constantly fighting, and days where your daily to-do list is so long that it’s overwhelming to glance at. Yup, those days. But, you know what? It is during THESE days that a stranger’s kindness touches your heart in a big way! 

With that said, today, I’m thanking the strangers that made a difference in my life when I needed it the most.

Thank you to the amazing nurses at the NICU for taking special care of my premature daughter when I wasn’t able to stay at the hospital overnight. Thank you to these same nurses for putting my mind at ease and teaching me, a first time mama, all that I needed to know- from how to burp my daughter to how to bathe her.

Thank you to my kind neighbor for helping me start my car when I wasn’t able to! 

Thank you to the wonderful strangers who kindly helped me carry my infant son’s car seat across the field while I struggled to carry my toddler in the harsh winter season with the wild wind and snow blowing in our faces. It is because of you two that I was able to pick up my daughter from her kindergarten class with ease, for it certainly would not have been easy with carrying my toddler in my arms (because she sadly refused to walk in the snow) and my baby’s car seat in the deep snow!

Thank you to every friendly stranger that witnessed my children cry in the grocery store or in a doctor’s office and attempt to make them quiet by distracting them with a conversation. The fact that these strangers cared enough to come up to my children and start waving, smiling, and talking to them means so much to me and it always makes my children go quiet-so a huge thank you to these caring individuals!

Thank you to anyone that saw me struggle with getting a stroller into the door and rushing ahead of me to open the door for me and my child.

All of these acts of kindness weren’t huge, and these strangers probably didn’t even realize how much of an impact their generosity had on me- but their kindness was enough to transform my dark days into days of brightness and for that I’am thankful!

So, next time you see a mother struggling, do not hesitate to reach out to her, even in the smallest way, because you just never know how bad her day is going- and your act of kindness has the ability to save her day!


8 comments on “When Kindness Saves The Day”

  1. Aww this is so sweet❤️ Yes certainly a small act of kindness can be such a big gesture for the other person we may not realise. This is beautiful!

  2. This is so beautiful. Imagine a world where we were thankful and grateful for all the people and moments of bliss instead of all the negativity and ugliness we carry around in our minds from all the times we were hurt and in pain. Really beautiful Sumaira <3

  3. I agree, these little unexpected moments of kindness definitely have the most impact. I always try to help out when I can if see someone struggling as your help could make a difference to their day!

  4. What a sweet dose of positivity! Thank you for such a nice uplifting post. I do believe in the attitude of gratitude. It definitely boils down to the small things in life <3

  5. Ah I absolutely loved this post! Those kinds of acts of kindness are the ones we always remember. You have me thinking of all the kind acts people done for me today! Thank you for this post 💖

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