Lulu and the Monkey Marriage Book Review

Lulu and the Monkey Marriage by Mac McGooshie

Book Description:

“”Asalaam alaikum! I’m Laila, the Hostess with the Mostest, and welcome to my home!”

Lulu has a lot on her plate this week. Two houseguests, two weddings and the regional fair promise to keep her busier than usual. Bonus! Baba promises to close the restaurant early every day and spend the extra time with her!

When the local bank and grocery store are robbed, Lulu witnesses the getaway car as it speeds by. Trouble is, the police think she’s gone off the deep end, and she can hardly believe her own eyes!

But there’s more to worry about than a little bit of crazy — like her brothers and her friends in risky predicaments, Baba getting sick at the fair, Mama feeling sick at home, and Lulu herself being followed by a strange man in a strange car.

Lulu doesn’t realize the trouble she’s in until it’s almost too late. How will she get out of this jam?”

Suitable for ages 8+

Book Review:

My daughter and I both LOVED the first book in this series, Lulu and the Very Big Meanies; so we were both eager to read this book as well. Well, let me tell you- we were not disappointed at all!

This book had the same sense of humour the first book did, where Lulu’s personality was the star of the show! There were times when I could hear my daughter laugh from upstairs from her bedroom when she was reading this book; there were also times when she would run downstairs to me, and read the parts she found really funny out loud.

Much like the first book, this book has some wonderful Islamic knowledge sprinkled throughout, this Islamic information is shared in a tasteful manner, and is not overpowering to the reader at all!

One of the things that stands out. the most to me in this series, is that a story is told by someone that almost every Muslim girl living in the West can relate to. When I think of Lulu, I think of someone that could have easily been a best friend of mine, or a friend of my daughter’s.

Special Features:

  • This book comes with ‘Lulubug’s Personal Dictionary’ towards the end; the dictionary is also written in the voice of Lulu, thus bringing some sense of humour into it- love it! This is great for children who are still learning the Islamic terms!
  • Another special feature in this book is a step by step guide on how to perform Wudu (Ablution)- how cool is that!

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