Last week, I shared a recipe for fried fish using Shan’s Fried Fish Mix, and this week I’m sharing a video on how to make paya!

Paya is a dish that can be eaten all year round, but it’s especially delicious when eaten piping hot during the winter! A hot bowl of paya will definitely warm you up from within!

Growing up as a Pakistani Canadian, I often heard about my relatives enjoying a bowl of paya in Pakistan during the winters; I pictured them wearing colorful knitted sweaters and shawls, sitting around the fire, and taking heaping sips of paya from their bowls.

You can make your very own pot of paya by using Shan’s Paya Mix and by following the steps in the video below!



Enjoy and stay warm everyone!

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*This is a sponsored post, however all opinions and views expressed are purely my own.

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