Last Saturday was a big day for me, Alhumdulillah- and even though I had a rough start to the day, it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Conventional Muslimah- A Podcast For Muslim Women

Last Saturday was when the first episode of Conventional Muslimah aired LIVE! I had thought I had prepared for the show… but who was I kidding- my kids had another plan for me! My four year old daughter was sick, so much so that she missed an entire week of school prior to the show. I spent the week wiping her nose and vomit, as well as running back and forth to the doctor’s office- a place that has been a second home for my children and I within the past three months…let’s just say my kids are building up their immune systems…

The night before the first episode of the podcast, I got three hours of sleep. Yes, three hours! This was all thanks to my wonderful two year old son who likes to play games with us: he will sleep through the night for two nights in a row tricking us into thinking, “this is it! He’s finally starting to sleep through the night!!!” and then he will keep us up in the evenings for the rest of the month, as if saying to us “haha, gotcha ya!” Anyhoo, the morning of the podcast I woke up at 5:40 AM and somehow managed to walk down the stairs into the den without falling. It was silent, as the kids were still sleeping, and I was both excited and nervous…

Although we had planned and discussed the theme for our first show- how we met our spouses- I didn’t actually hear how the other co-hosts met their husbands until that day. As much as I loved sharing my story, I also really enjoyed listening to UmmAyana and UmmLayla talk about how they met their spouses. Subhan’Allah both of their stories were inspirational and beautiful!

Towards the end of the show, we discussed what factors were important to us when it comes to selecting your spouse; and despite the fact that we come from different backgrounds, we all had the same opinions. For instance, we agreed that we would prefer our daughters to marry men with a strong sense of religion and men who would lead the household within an Islamic manner. Alhumdulillah, hearing the thoughts and opinions of my fellow sisters made me realize that we all have one thing in common for our children- and that is for them to become loving, peaceful, and religous spouses and to marry spouses of that exact nature!

Guest Speaker At Rahma Mosque

Saturday was also the day I was invited by sister Humairah Irfan as a guest speaker to talk to a group of wonderful sisters at Rahma Mosque in Edmonton, Alberta about my blog post, Daily 10 Minute Islamic Challenge For Families. Masha’Allah, every month Humairah and a group of Muslimah ladies get together for brunch at the mosque, usually invite a guest speaker, and discuss key issues with one another- I think this is a great way to stay connected with one another!

I have to say, I was slightly more nervous about this event than I was the podcast, however upon arriving at the mosque and meeting the friendly sisters, my nerves were put at ease. My approach for the presentation was to let the sisters in attendance know that I was just like them; thus we sat in a circle together (instead of me being front and center), and instead of just me introducing myself, I asked all of the sisters to introduce themselves as well.

I had never met any of these sisters prior to last Saturday, yet it had felt like I knew them in and out after that day. I cannot tell you how relieved I felt after hearing how these sisters faced similar struggles as I had; I was also stunned that we came from very similar backgrounds, and most importantly, I was elated to know that we all were working towards the same goals for our families: and that is to provide a community for our children, and for us to become better Muslims and in turn better role models for our children. I left the mosque that day, knowing that I had gained new sisters and new friends that would not judge me, for they were just like me- a Muslimah working towards Jannah!

Final Thoughts:

Yes, last Saturday started with lost hours of sleep and nerves, but the end result was life changing.

Being a part of Conventional Muslimah is a way for me and my fellow co-hosts to share our stories with you all in hopes of giving you someone you can relate to. We hope you will join us in our journey towards Jannah, and we pray that our shows will benefit you in some way. Tune into our podcast every Saturday at 8 AM EST, for more information please visit our website:

Being invited as a guest speaker at Rahma Mosque led me to meeting great friends, whom I hope to see every month- not as a guest speaker, but as a friend instead. If you are a sister in Edmonton, Alberta, please join the monthly brunch at Rahma Mosque- children are welcome to attend! For more information, please visist the Rahma Mosque website:

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