My Granny Book Review

My Granny by Fatimah-Zahra Kennedy and Illustrated by Rahima Begum

Book Description:

“’My Granny is a heart-warming story about the special bond between a little Muslim girl and her Christian grandmother. Her grandmother is sweet, kind and loving like most grandmothers but is also respectful and considerate of her grandchildren’s Muslim upbringing. This is a special story for special families. Muslims and non-Muslims alike will relate to the beautiful message of love and kinship that highlights the true essence of peace and tolerance.”

Suitable for ages: 4+

Book Review:

I love the fact that this book is written by 9 year old Fatimah-Zahrah Kennedy, a bright young lady who is studying to become a Hafizah (someone who has memorized the Quran)- how special is that?!

This entire book is filled with positivity and sweet words that describe the relationship between the main character and her granny. Acceptance and peace are the main messages, with both of the characters respecting each other and showing each other appreciation:

“My granny respects my religion and only cooks Halal food for us. She never has pork or alcohol when we are around. My aunty Karen is a vegetarian so she respects her diet too and never cooks meat for her” (My Granny, page 15).

“My granny always says God Bless to us even though she’s Christian and we all say it back to her, including my baby sister” (My Granny, page 16).

I was pleasantly surprised to find an ayah of the Quran in the book that went over the relationship between children and their parents- I thought this added a very special touch!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book to my children, and it seemed as if every page had a special message about family, love, and acceptance! We also loved the bright colourful illustrations too!

Special Features:

  • Towards the end, you can find a Glossary that goes over the key Islamic terms used in the book
  • There are also poems written and illustrated by Fatimah-Zahrah! The illustrations were adorable, and the poems were a joy to read!
  • This book also comes with an Activities section, where children can complete certain writing and drawing tasks!

To purchase My Granny, please click here (aff link).


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