Not all messages are spoken words

Not all messages are spoken words… Sometimes messages are FELT, not heard.
Often times, the messages that you feel are far more powerful than the ones you hear. Yet, we wait to hear something and rarely do we pause and take note of what we are FEELING.

For instance, when you want to start something new in life, don’t wait to hear someone tell you to do it- look inside your soul- what are you feeling?

Do you feel this is right? Is your heart pounding at the very thought of starting a new adventure in life?

Go with that FEELING, and don’t wait to hear the words that may never be spoken…

2 comments on “Not All Messages Are Spoken”

  1. Assalamu aleikum hun! Jumah Mubarak! I completely agree :). The gut feeling :). Your message is very deep. Houb salm and lots of love your way! Muah! <3 u!

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