With back to school season starting here in Canada, I’m finding myself running around trying to get things done all the while trying to stay organized….and it’s proving to be quite the difficult task with three young kids around me. Nonetheless, I have managed to get some things checked off my ever growing list; one of those tasks being to organize my daughter’s closet.

Before I head off to do the annual back to school clothing shopping for my daughter, I usually organize and sort out her clothes to make sure I don’t purchase an item she already has and hasn’t grown out of already. Fortunately, sorting out her clothing made me realize she has more than enough clothing for the upcoming school year, as I have purchased items that were on sale a few months ago, and she has received many clothing items as gifts from family and friends. Plus, she still fits into the clothes I bought her last year because I bought a size bigger – which is always a good idea! On that note, I let out a huge sigh of relief knowing that I didn’t have to make an exhausting back-to-school-shopping-trip with the kids dragging along – SCORE!

I did, however, have to organize her clothes that were scattered all over her bed and on the floor!

As usual, I decided to put her clothes into categories such as: long sleeve shirts, jeans, dresses, etc… But what I did differently from any other year was take pictures of these clothing items within their cateogories. No, not because she has cute clothes, but to make things waaaaaaay easier for us on school day mornings! You see, my daughter takes forever deciding on what to wear, and will ask me for help when picking an outfit. However,whenever I pick out a clothing item, she refuses to wear it… Then it’s all tantrums and tears for BOTH of us! However, by taking pictures on my iPad, we can visually see what she has in her closet and we can pick out a outfit for her.

Often times, when clothing is piled up, it’s difficult to see which items you have, or some items remain in the bottom of the clothing bin, and stay there for the whole year…but this way you can visually see and plan out your outfits on your iPad or mobile phone. I also numbered the clothing and lettered the categories to make things that much more easier for her: she can pair up numbers and letters and write them down as a reminder of which outfits she wants to wear throughout the week.

I’m hoping this will make my mornings (and hers) a little easier and filled with less tears and tantrums. I will keep you all posted!

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