Potty training tips for your toddler, the do's and the don'ts

Potty Training- you don’t realize how difficult if could be until you actually have to train your child to use the toilet! Here are a few things to try before and during the potty training process:

Potty training books

To get started, you may want to get your children familiar with the concept of potty training by reading them a book about it. This way, they know what to expect, and they will know that this is the next phase in their lives. Try selecting a book that has illustrations of a child going to the potty, this way they will have a visual reference.

Get rid of training pants

Next, get your children out of their diapers or training pants! It is important to note that when toddlers wear diapers or training pants, they do not feel wet when they urinate in them; instead, the urine will be absorbed, thus leaving children unaware of the fact that they have had an ‘accident.’ However, when toddlers wear underwear, they know right away when they have had an ‘accident’ and will feel uncomfortable. This feeling of discomfort is what will convince them that it is better to urinate in a potty rather than in their underwear.

Praise, praise, and praise!

When your children finally do go to the potty successfully, don’t forget to praise them and let them know they are doing a good job. Furthermore, don’t be upset if things don’t go smoothly as planned; for maintaining a positive attitude is what will make this potty training experience a less painful one.

Rewards for a job well done!

Rewarding your children with stickers on a sticker chart is a good idea and will help your children in getting excited about potty training!

Schedule drinks

Scheduling drinks is also key; so try to put your children on the potty about 20 minutes after they have had a drink, and do not give them drinks two hours prior to bedtime!

Potty training tips for your toddler, the do's and the don'ts

Just like other milestones, potty training takes time and every child is different; patience and practice will be needed! All the best to you and your little one!

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  1. I totally agree with the no pants rule. We did bare bottom for my son, and it worked so well. He was potty trained in about 2 weeks, just before he turned 2.

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