I have been a stay-at-home-mom for a little over three years now, and I have to say that I’m starting to miss my work life.

Of course there are days where its raining outside, or there’s a snowstorm warning, and I think to myself, “thank goodness I don’t have to leave the house to go to work,” but then there are days where the kids are having tantrums day and night, and I think to myself “I would love to be at work by MYSELF in peace right now

There are both negatives and positives to being a stay-at-home-parent, just like there are positives and negatives when working outside the home. But, can you imagine if working outside the home was more like being a stay-at-home-parent? Here’s how I imagine it to be:

You are in the middle of presenting an idea in a staff meeting, and everything is going smoothly. In fact, you are convinced you are doing a fantastic job, as everyone present is smiling and nodding. Suddenly, a co-worker speaks up and says, “I don’t get it? What does that mean?” You do your best to explain. It’s obviously not good enough; now your co-worker is saying that does not make sense. You put your explanation into other words. Nope, not good enough still. “But whhhyyyy?! Why is it like that? Why does it HAVE to be like that?” your co-worker screams. You react by shouting back “I DONT KNOW WHY OKAY, JUST BECAUSE! BECAUSE I SAID SO, THAT’S WHY!” You gather your papers, and then slowly exit the room…

You are now at your desk, finishing up your paperwork when you notice almost all your papers have scribbles on them and some are even torn apart. Great! Your co-workers were bored and they thought they would entertain themselves by creating artwork! Luckily, you have everything saved on your computer. Upon opening your saved document you realize that most of your work has been deleted and replaced with words such as, ‘zxghjuyrsxbnlihhjkijhrtyunbfresbjkugddghjkoihfvnjiklkfsach.’ No problem, you just have to spend another 3.5 hours typing up your paperwork…

Finally, it’s lunch time and you are looking forward to chatting with a co-worker or reading a magazine in the staff room. You sit down to eat with your co-worker and notice she has the same lunch as you. You also notice she is eyeing your plate and salivating. You ask if she wants a bite. Without replying, your co-worker reaches into your plate with her hands, that have been God-knows-where, and proceeds to smother the food all over her face. Well, if her mission was to ruin your appetite, she has succeeded…

You decide to take a quick washroom break before you have an important meeting with a client. Out of nowhere. you hear the pounding of fists banging on the washroom stall door and the screams of your boss telling you to “hurry up, get out, I neeeeeed you it’s an emergency.” You quickly open the stall door only to realize that the ’emergency’ was that a pen went missing and needed to be found THIS VERY MOMENT!

You are now discussing important matters with your client in a meeting when suddenly a co-worker walks in and asks you if you know where her mug went. You tell her to check her desk, as it is always there. She leaves, finds the mug, and comes back to tell you she found it. You continue your discussion with your client. Now, another co-worker interrupts your meeting and asks you if you can fix the office chair she has broken. “Really? Now? I’ll do it later, can’t you see that I’m in a really important meeting?” She leaves. Three minutes later she comes back and asks if you can fix the office chair now. You tell your co-worker to wait a few more minutes. She leaves, but this time she is staring at you through the office window…you decide to end the meeting early and extend an apology to your client…

You look at the time and realize it’s time to go home! Thank goodness, it’s been a stressful day! As you plan to jet out of your workplace without looking back, your boss asks you to sew the button that just fell off her suit jacket. “Can I do it tomorrow, as soon as I arrive at work?” you ask. That clearly was the incorrect reply, as your answer has triggered a full-blown tantrum! You have no option but to find a needle and thread.

As soon as you get into your car for the drive home, you hear your co-workers calling your name. They want a ride home, as they missed the bus they usually take to and from work. You agree with a smile. However, your smile turns into a frown as soon as you stop at a red light and they start shouting at you to “GO, GO, GOOOOO!” You politely explain to them that you have to stop the car at a red light. Guess what? They don’t care! They continue to scream until the light turns green. They do this all the way home. At every red light. All 7 red lights…

Now, aren’t you glad work life and stay-at-home life are not merged together?! 


6 comments on “SAHM LIFE + WORK LIFE”

  1. Amazing article sister Sumaira. Absolutely loved it! 🙂
    I’m currently a web developer who works 9 hours a day 5 days a week, and I also do house work at night and during the weekend when I have time.
    I try to manage both my work life and house life as much as I can.
    But I always ask myself if I’m going to be able to keep that up later on when I have kids in’sha’Allah.
    I hope I can figure that out in the future in’sha’Allah!

    • Masha’Allah sister, may Allah make it easy for you! Women are natural born multi taskers, subhan’Allah, and we should try to accomplish what we are able to without hurting ourselves mentally or physically. Personally, I found that being a stay at home mom has its challenges as does being a working mom- both are difficult and both have rewards though! 🙂

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