Salaam Nutritionals Halal Vitamins Review

Salaam Nutritionals was kind and generous enough to give my children and I two full size bottles of their halal vitamins to try:

Salaam Nutritionals Halal Gummy Vitamins

We received the Halal Gummy Multivitamins for adults and the Halal Multivitamins Gummy Bears for kids.

As a Muslim parent, I prefer to give my children products that are both halal and that contain all-natural ingredients that are free of artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors; this is why I FELL IN LOVE with Salaam Nutritionals vitamins, because they are halal certified AND made out of ingredients such as coconut, elderberry, pectin, tumeric, algae, and chia seeds. Plus, these vitamins are free from gluten, dairy, peanut and tree nuts!

So, what did my kids think of these vitamins? Here’s their review: 

Appearance– when I first showed my children the bottle, they were excited- but when they saw the vitamins in the shape of teddy bears, they got even more excited to try the vitamins! So, a thumbs up for appearance!

Taste- all three of my children (ages 3, 4, and 8 years old) said these vitamins tasted like CANDY! In fact, these vitamins are more like a treat for them then they are medicine; they look forward to receiving a “teddy bear” gummy vitamin before bed time! Thumbs up for taste!

Texture- my children won’t eat certain foods due to the texture, so chewable vitamins would be a huge no-no with my kids because of the grainy texture. With that said, gummy vitamins are much easier to nibble on than your typical pill form vitamins, therefore these vitamins are a huge win for texture as well!

Here are some images of the my kiddos tasting the vitamins:

Salaam Nutritionals Halal Vitamins Review

Salaam Nutritionals Halal Vitamins Review

Salaam Nutritionals Halal Vitamins Review

There is only one negative to these vitamins and that is that they are too delicious, so you will want to make sure you keep these vitamins in a high place, out of reach of children.

Salaam Nutritionals Mission Statement

“Our mission at Salaam Nutritionals, LLC is to be the leading halal based company that specializes and provides high quality dietary supplements through a business model that supports Islamic principles and contributes to charitable causes through a fixed percentage donation from our quarterly profits.

All of our certified halal products are made with our consumers in mind. We pride ourselves in providing all-natural ingredients which are free of artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors. Our Halal certificate ensures all of our consumers that our products are made meeting the highest halal standards which includes not using any alcohol, gelatin, or pork based ingredients.” (Salaam Nutritionals)

Just when you think this company doesn’t get better! I adore the fact that they give back to the community, here’s a recent campaign Salaam Nutritionals was involved in:

“Part of our business model at Salaam Nutritionals is to give back to those in need. We collaborated once again with our partners (Zam Zam Water) to distribute and deliver our vitamins to a small village in Kasibigege, Rwanda while they implemented a new water project. We would like to once again thank our customers and supporters for allowing us to make a difference in these children’s lives. Without you none of this would be possible!” (via Salaam Nutritionals Facebook Page)

Hey Muslimah Mommy, what about the adult multivitamins?!

So, I have to shamelessly admit that I’m HORRIBLE at remembering to take my vitamins (don’t tell my mother this!)… like, it’s really bad! BUT, this has drastically changed after receiving my Salaam Nutritionals vitamins- just like my children, I LOVE these! I’m telling you, if you have trouble taking your multivitamins on a regular basis, you will NOT have this issue with these vitamins!

Thanks again to Salaam Nutritionals for these vitamins, we are hooked! To purchase your own halal vitamins (they ship worldwide), either for yourself or for your children, check out the Salaam Nutritionals website, and don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

***Disclaimer: This post is a review only, this is not a post on professional advice regarding health or medical issues, and all health issues should be discussed with a doctor for treatment. Furthermore, please consult with a health professional before consuming any type of medication or administering any medication to your children. 

***Salaam Nutritionals has given The Muslimah Mommy these products for review, however all opinion expressed are purely my own.

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  1. Hey.. I just loved the multivitamin
    Do they ship to the middle East.
    I live in Bahrain and wuld love to have these for myself and my kidoos ..

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