Every time, it has been my faith that has saved me.

I remember being far from my faith, and that’s when this world left me grasping for air.

But as soon as I became closer to my faith, this world became easier to live in.

Losing a loved one did not mean that I would never see them again, but I would reunite with them in Jannah (heaven) one day.

My hardships became easier knowing that in the hereafter, I would have no hardships. I would push through, knowing these struggles are just temporary.

Every time I fell hard in life, I knew this was a test for me, and in order to pass this test, I HAD to get up. I HAD to get stronger.

There was always a deeper purpose in this test, and I always found out what that purpose was later on.

My faith gives me something to look forward to, it keeps me motivated, it makes me push myself.

Every time, it has been my faith that has saved me.

If it wasn’t for my faith, I’m not sure where I would be, but I do know that I wouldn’t be where I’am today.

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