With A Spin Cookie Cutter Review

Growing up, there wasn’t much of a selection in terms of Islamic items for children- actually, where I lived, there wasn’t any at all! That’s why it’s refreshing to see so many Islamic products for kids on the market today, including these really cool cookie cutters from With A Spin! And guess what?! There are so many things you can do with these cookies cutters that doesn’t involve baking 😉

Before I get into the review, I want to share with you all what exactly What A Spin is all about:

“Guided by ihsan, the Islamic concept of perfection and excellence, With A Spin products, recipes and creative projects are made of high quality materials, designed to promote eco-friendly practices, and aspired for making a lifetime of happy memories. We combine business with culture and give back to the community through donations and volunteering.” (Source)

I know, what an awesome organization right?! Quality, Eco-friendliness, and giving back to the community- what more can you ask for in a company!

My Review:

When Lail Hossain, from With A Spin, initially contacted me to do a review of her adorable Islamic cookie cutter set, my mind was racing with all sorts of ideas of how I could use these cookie cutters; and guess what? None of these ideas involved baking 😉

Here’s what I received:

Islamic Cookie Cutters

 Islamic Shape Cookie Cutter

Product description: “With A Spin brand premium stainless steel cookie cutter set. The elegant and beautifully packaged set includes four iconic shape cookie cutters perfect for kids and adults. These Islamic shape cookie cutter are basic necessities for any baker’s collection, inspiring an infinite spectrum of creative designs using different sprinkles, toppings and icing.

Packaged in an elegant and festive manner, this set is a perfect for Ramadan, Eid, New Home, hostess gift, other occasions or for personal use to bake, give decorative shapes foods, and many arts and crafts projects. A must have for every family to add even more festive touch to celebrating everyday events, Ramadan and Eid.

Cookie cutter set includes : Crescent, Star, Masjid (mosque) and Minaret.

Our cutters have sharp rims that slice perfect cookies and they’re handy for many other baking, garnishing, arts and crafts projects.” (Source)

Here’s how I used the cookie cutters:

I used these cookie cutters for a family halaqa during a weekend, I loved how we were able to incorporate the shapes of the cookie cutters for almost everything we did that afternoon!

First up, was learning about Islam and testing the kids on their knowledge. I created these flash cards using the Mosque shaped cookie cutter as a guide (excuse my messy handwriting, I’m a lefty):

Mosque Shaped Islamic Flash Cards

I also made these bookmarks for the kids to use for their halaqa notes:

DIY Islamic bookmarks


Star shaped book mark

To make your own bookmarks:

  • simply trace a shape of your choice, by using the cookie cutters as a guide, onto either card stock or foam paper,
  • cut out,
  • decorate, and
  • add a paper clip- so easy and fun!

I used washi tape to decorate my book marks, but you can use anything you have on hand. To make the bookmarks last longer, I would suggest laminating them. You can also use these as gift tags or even use them to create an Islamic banner for Eid!

Next up on our halaqa was reciting some nasheeds, or half of a nasheed, and then mixing 2-3 nasheeds together- hee hee, kids are so funny!

By the end of the halaqa, the kids were quite hungry, so I decided to bring out the snacks! I used the cookie cutters to cut out shapes for the eggs, toast, pita bread, and the bell peppers- yummy and healthy. For dessert, I made custard with star shaped jello!

It’s safe to say that the kids and I had a great time during our halaqa, and using the With A Spin cookie cutters definitely made it more fun!


Star Shaped Snacks                 Custard with star shaped jello

A big thank you to With A Spin for sending us these cookie cutters, we love them and can’t wait to use them again! To purchase your own set of cookie cutters, either for your family or as a gift to send a loved one, check out the With a Spin website, and don’t forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


***With A Spin has given The Muslimah Mommy these products for review, however all opinion expressed are purely my own.

2 comments on “With A Spin Cookie Cutters Review”

  1. How creative MashaAllah! I am so happy to learn that the cookie cutters were useful and inspirational for you and the kids during you halaqa. I hope you all had lots of fun using the cookie cutters and it’ll be part of many more memory making with your family.

    JazakAllah khair for the positive feedback. May Allah shower His blessing on you for your kind words. May you have a smooth rest of your pregnancy.

    • Thank you so much Lail! We had a great time with the cookie cutters and look forward to using them again soon 🙂 Ameen to your duas, I pray that Allah grants you success in this world and in the next! <3

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