It’s been a while since I have posted anything on The Muslimah Mommy…and there’s a good reason for that- our Spring blessing arrived in mid April <3 That’s right, we welcomed a beautiful baby boy into this world, and we are all feeling so blessed!


Needless to say, I haven’t had much time to blog, as most of my attention has been directed at the munchkin. Oh yeah, and don’t forget that I have three other children to attend to!

Time is going by so fast, as he’s already two months old and has almost doubled his birth weight. It broke my heart when I had to pack away his newborn clothes, I just wanted him to stay teeny tiny forever. It is amazing to see him reach his milestones though, for instance my heart burst when he first smiled and laughed out loud!

With that said, he has a great personality; he’s always giggling and loves to be near his sisters and brother. In fact, he’ll stop crying once he hears his siblings talk; I’m sure he recognizes their voices from when he was in my belly! I still remember the days of when I was pregnant and the kids would gather around me and ask a million questions about the baby, like when he would come out and play with them. Fast forward to today, and here he is! As I’m typing this, he’s upstairs being the baby patient while his oldest sister is the doctor performing a check-up on him- it’s the cutest thing!

I hope all four of my children will always bring each other joy and happiness and be there for each other, for at the end of the day, that’s all that matters!

As for my blog, don’t worry- I’m still here and will try my best to update you all on what’s happening in my life as The Muslimah Mommy- once things settle down here that is! As always, I thank all of you for your support and friendship- I wouldn’t be blogging and putting my life out there if it wasn’t for you all, so THANK YOU!

Peace and Love,

Sumaira Z, The Muslimah Mommy

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