I wanted to talk to my seven year old daughter about bullying (like I do every year), but this time I wanted to invite other girls her age to join in on the conversation.There are many reasons why I wanted to invite others to join us:

  • it would be a great opportunity for my daughter to make new friends,
  • to show my daughter that bullying doesn’t happen to just her,
  • so she could learn about how other children handle bullying,
  • plus, this was a great opportunity for mothers and their daughters to come together and share our experiences, fears, and success stories in regards to bullying.

With that, I decided to invite some ladies and their daughters to our home, so that they could join us for our very first Anti-Bullying and Self Confidence Workshop! I was so elated to see many sisters express interest in attending, it was a sign that our community NEEDS workshops like these.

Anti-Bullying and Self Confidence Workshop

Although I have co-hosted and attended events as a speaker in the past, this was my first time hosting a workshop, therefore, I spent countless hours preparing and doing research – I wanted everything to be perfect!

I printed out a sheet on bullying for the families that attended, as well as some tips on how parents and their children can deal with bullying. In addition, I planned our activities for the day which included:

  • defining what bullying is, and discussing how bullying can happen ANYWHERE from the front yard with the neighborhood kids, at the park, at the library, at school, and even in your own home amongst siblings, cousins, and friends;
  • speaking about how you can help someone being bullied and the role of a bystander,
  • going over a scenario and asking the children what they would do in a particular situation,
  • a couple of writing exercises,
  • Q and A session,
  • I also printed out an anti bullying coloring sheet for the children to take home.


There were also some yummy and healthy snacks!

Self-Confidence and its Correlation to Bullying

The second part of our workshop was speaking about self-confidence, and how it relates to bullying- if children don’t have high self confidence then chances are they will not stand up to the bully, nor have the confidence to tell an adult about the bullying.

Furthermore, when a bully puts down children, children with low self confidence will start to believe the bully’s words, i.e if a bully tells a child that he or she is ugly or not good at anything, a child with low self esteem will start to think that those statements are true.

We ended off the workshop by discussing how each of us is unique, beautiful and special, and no matter what anyone says, that will never change! Wanting the girls to leave with something special, I gave each one of them a handmade inspirational booklet filled with positive words and statements- I loved seeing their faces light up upon receiving the booklets!


I hope this post will inspire many other women to host their very own Anti-Bullying and Self-Confidence Workshop. The feedback I received afterwards from the mothers in attendance warmed my heart; I will definitely be hosting more workshops in the future after seeing the positive results of this session.

Thank you for reading, if you found this post helpful, please do share it with your family and friends!

Peace and Duas,
Sumaira Zaheer, The Muslimah Mommy

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