Thank You and Coupon Codes

A HUGE thank you to everyone that entered my blogiversary giveaways, and congratulations to those who won! It was amazing to read what everyone was grateful for, I hope that writing down your blessings was beneficial to you in some way.

For those of who didn’t win anything, here are some coupon codes from some of my lovely friends who happen to make some fantastic items- please check out these businesses and make good use of these coupon codes before they expire!

To use the coupon codes, please make sure you are following The Muslimah Mommy on my social media accounts, and that you have signed up for my blog updates; also make sure you FOLLOW and SUPPORT the accounts that are providing the coupon codes below:

The Olive Tree Soap
Coupon Code: TMM15
Discount: 15% off orders over $20 US, Expires June 30
How to use: Please use the code TMM15 at checkout on The Olive Tree Soap Etsy Shop
The Olive Tree Soap Company Etsy Shop:
*Follow The Olive Tree Soap Company on Instagram and Facebook

The Petite Nunu
Discount: 25% off from The Petite Nunu Shop
How to use: Please send an e-mail to before you place your order and mention The Muslimah Mommy Blogiversary to use the discount
The Petite Nunu Website and Shop:
*Follow The Petite Nunu on Facebook and Instagram

The Reminder Series
Coupon code: KHI8626
Discount: 10% off all items, Expires at the end of Ramadan
How to use: Please use the code KHI8626 at checkout on The Reminder Series Etsy Shop
The Reminder Series Etsy Shop:
*Follow The Reminder Series on Facebook and Instagram 

Eggs by Wardah
Coupon Code: MuslimahMommy1Yr
Disount: 15% for all U.S residents from the Eggs by Wardah Etsy Shop, Expires on July 15
How to use: Please use code MuslimahMommy1Yr at checkout on the Eggs by Wardah Etsy Shop.
Eggs By Wardah Etsy Shop:
*Follow Eggs by Wardah on Facebook and Instagram

A final thank you to all the sponsors who sponsored my blogiversary giveaways by providing the winners with prizes, I will never forget your support, kindness, and love!

List of Muslim businesses who were The Muslimah Mommy Blogiversary Sponsors:

Follow the Dzaltastic  on Instagram and Facebook!

Lu’Lu’ Bag
Follow Lu’Lu’ Bag on Instagram and Facebook!

Follow Hafsa Creates on Instagram and Facebook

Follow Halalify on Instagram and Facebook

Huez Unlimited:
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The Olive Tree Soap Company:
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By Umm Waliyya:
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Follow Hijabilicious on Facebook and Twitter.

Pins and Pearls:
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Salam Shop:
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Read It Islamic Books:
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Minecraft for Muslims and Tarbiyah Publishing:
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Azra Momin:
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Ar-Rawdah Jewels:
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Read Little Muslims:
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Modern Hejab:
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Hijabi Trends 101:
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Afflatus Hijab:
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Salam Mama:
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Please visit these wonderful businesses, especially when looking for a gift for your family members or friends- or even to treat yourself! 

Peace and Dua’s to you all! 

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