Today was one of those days when you start doing the countdown to bedtime as soon as your children wake up in the morning. I felt exhausted by 9:00 AM and I had only been awake for an hour with the kids. My gut was telling me it was going to long day, and was it ever!

Here is a brief list of some events that took place within our household today:
– My son drew all over himself with markers
– After he used himself as a canvas, my son stuck his hands in the toilet bowl and slathered himself with the toilet water.
– my daughter got sunscreen all over herself, I mean she was drenched in this stuff!
– While at the park, my oldest daughter fell off the swings and wanted to go home right away. However, my other daughter wasn’t ready to go home and started hugging the swing set poles as a method of protesting. To top off the park drama, my son saw an elderly man and got scared!

The funny thing is, while my kids are asleep, I look forward to more drama to take place the next day! I know, only a parent would feel this way! © The Muslimah Mommy (2014)
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