First Jummah Prayer

Love…is your children going to Jummah prayer-

Last Friday was the first Friday of Ramadan, and it was also my three year old son’s first time going to Jummah prayer. The excitement on his face was quite the sight that I will never forget.

All dressed up in his traditional clothing, kufi hat and all, he came running up to me saying “Mama, mama! Smell me!” After taking a whiff of the ittar (natural perfume oil) that his papa put on his clothes, I gave him a big hug and kiss, and off he went to his very first Jummah prayer!

Alhumdulillah, for these precious moments that I will look back on and cherish! These very moments that will warm my heart, put a smile on my face, and that make me a very proud mama ♡♡♡

This post is a part of The Muslimah Mommy ‘Love is’ series,

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