The other day, as I was washing the dishes, my 22 month old baby came up to me and asked for an apple that was on the counter-top. I politely told him I would get it for him once I was done washing the dishes.

Of course, that answer did not satisfy him, and he decided to take matters into his own teeny tiny hands. He headed towards the pantry and picked up the small stool, and placed it by the counter where the apple was on. He then climbed onto the stool, grabbed the apple, and proceeded to eat it!

As I was observing him, my heart was being torn apart. Yes, I was excited to see his independence right before my eyes, however, I was also upset upon realizing that my baby was no longer just that- a ‘baby.’ He’s growing up to be a smart toddler who gets what he wants when he wants it (apparently).

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