As soon as you become a mother, you are no longer alone. You begin to realize this when you feel your unborn baby move for the first time and then things become even more real when your baby starts to kick, thus keeping you up all night!Your baby will put pressure on your bladder and you’ll be constantly running to the washroom- of course, this very same baby will not leave you once he or she is a toddler and at that point going to the bathroom will be a challenge!

Your clothes will be covered in slobber and snot, your hair will be greasy and unwashed for days, and your dark under eye circles will become darker- but you know what? You will still be beautiful. The only difference between your old beautiful self and your new beautiful self will be that now your smile is wider and your eyes sparkle even brighter.

You see, along with your child came this new beauty that never existed before. Embrace this new beauty mamas, embrace the new you.

With love,

Sumaira Z xo

2 comments on “The New Beautiful You”

  1. So well-put. Yes, through all that mess we begin to see the brand new us. Thanks for saying that this version of us is beautiful ❤

    Ma sha Allah, that is such a precious pic 😍❤

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