Focusing on the good that encompasses you is so THERAPEUTIC. Ever since I started my ‘Love Is’ series, I have felt more positive and I’m more thankful for all the blessings that surround me. I no longer invest most of my energy towards the negativity in my life, instead I try to find what I love about my life and share it with you all!

I want you to feel the same positivity I feel by sharing what you love about your life with everyone! Instead of focusing on what you dislike, try focusing on what you love! There is too much of “I don’t like the way so and so does this,” and not enough of appreciation for the good around you. Share anything that you love about your life, or what brings you peace and happiness, and use the hashtag #TMMLoveIs; every week I will be selecting one image from this hashtag and sharing it on my Instagram and Facebook pages. I’m excited to see your images, and I’m hoping to be inspired by your definition of what ‘Love is’!

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    • Thank you so much sis! I noticed your post on IG and will be sharing it soon in shaa Allaah! I loved the way you created your ‘Love Is’ post- super adorable masha’Allah! May Allah bless you!

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