Review of Y.F.T by ammaraza thobes for boys


What is Y.F.T by ammaraza?

Y.F.T. by ammaraza is a premium brand of thobes/tunics for boys; every piece is designed by Ammara Zaman, mother of Y.F.T. (which stands for Yaqub F. Taveras). Ammara wanted to create a clothing line for her son Yaqub, who is Guyanese/PuertoRican/Dominican, that was both contemporary and that had Islamic roots, hence how Y.F.T started! The clothing is manufactured in Brooklyn, New York by a company that works with many well-known top brands.

“A blend of graphic prints and classic shirt elements styled with a contemporary fit, Y.F.T. finally gives boy’s traditional wear a fresh look.”

The price of all Y.F.T thobes reflects the quality, as the materials are soft 100% cottons (which is ideal for children), shrink tested, and made to last! Moreover, every clothing item is thoughtfully designed and locally made.

Designer Background: Ammara Zaman has a B.A. in Business Management and design knowledge from classes at FIT and Parsons in NYC.

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How Y.F.T Came To Be

Here’s what Ammara, the designer, had to say about how she started her company:

“As a mom myself, of course I wish I could easily find a special outfit for my son that is traditional yet contemporary in the regular kids stores – but since I haven’t been able to, I had to create it! It is not inexpensive to design and manufacture clothing, especially in the USA. But I was encouraged by so many other parents and friends who loved the designs. And it’s about time we have something special for the boys, there are so many more options for girls clothing!”

My Review

I was sent two sizes, a size 5 for my older son and a size 2 for my younger son.

The first thing that caught my eye was the design of these thobes, they are classic yet contemporary pieces with a special touch of detail. My 5 year old son thought the denim added to his thobe was “super cool” and was excited to wear it! These thobes even come with a pocket!

I was highly impressed with the stretchy material, which is essential when looking for children’s clothing, as it allows for movement. When my children wear traditional clothing, the material tends to be rather itchy and rough against their skin. HOWEVER, with these thobes from Y.F.T, this is NOT the case, as the material is extremely easy and comfortable to wear- even when your little one is having fun playing outside! 


My 5 year old son was able to freely walk and run around in his thobe with ease, not once did he complain of being uncomfortable or too hot due to the material. While my older son’s thobe was a perfect fit, my 16 month old’s thobe was a bit too long, since it is a size 2; I’m hoping it will fit him by next summer!  


Another huge plus was that these thobes come with buttons, making them easy to put on and take off. The stitching of these pieces is extremely high quality and puts my mind at ease knowing that these thobes won’t fall apart and that they can (and will) get multiple wears out of them!


Overall, I would rate these thobes a 10 out of 10 for style, quality, and comfort!

Current Y.F.T Promotions

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  • International customers (including Canada) get free shipping on orders above $150
  • Free USA shipping


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*This is sponsored post, however all opinions expressed are purely my own  


16 comments on “Y.F.T by ammaraza Review”

  1. Designer tubes!! <3

    We always speak about modest designer clothes for girls. I am glad that boys would get to such comfortable, well designed cotton tunics.

    I would like to see my son's in such clothes.

  2. I dont have any sons but I would definitly recommend this type of dressing to my friends and loved ones. The most modest thobes and tunics ma sha Allah and it does make our young boys look more graceful.

  3. Thanks for the review on this ! Moms I know of boys are always telling me how their sons end up ripping their traditional clothes or how the kids find them uncomfortable this looks like it will definitely be a game changer!

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